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FlossTube #159: ⁠Join us Wednesday at 9AM CT to see Kimberly’s stitch along progress and more!

▸ Cut Press Sew Cross Stitch Pattern (PDF): https://bit.ly/38cT67W.
▸ Cut Press Sew Cross Stitch Pattern (Paper): https://bit.ly/3Pejyyi.
▸ Cloud 25 Count Lugana Evenweave 19″ x 27″ Vintage Cross Stitch Cloth: https://bit.ly/3wfpdf7.
▸ Lori Holt Cut Press Sew DMC Thread Pack: https://bit.ly/38hrePS.
▸ Sugar Sweet Floss Flower Thread Bobbins: https://bit.ly/3MZAve2.
▸ Berry Mad for Plaid Project Bag: https://bit.ly/3wlm2T0.
▸ Doodles: Summer Cross Stitch Pattern: https://bit.ly/39FZmFm.
▸ Oatmeal 25 Count Lugana 18″ x 18″ Vintage Cross Stitch Cloth: https://bit.ly/3PbApC3.
▸ Olive Mad for Plaid Project Bag: https://bit.ly/3ytpwFY.
▸ Summer Home Mystery Cross Stitch Pattern Series (PDF): https://bit.ly/3whmRME.
▸ Pine Board 14 Count Aida 18″ x 27″ Cross Stitch Cloth: https://bit.ly/39Ro4CV.
▸ Summer Home Mesh Project Bag: https://bit.ly/38dYVC3.
▸ Summer Home DMC Thread Pack: https://bit.ly/3P8zVN0.
▸ Summer Home Classic Colorworks Thread Pack: https://bit.ly/39G2Vvc.
▸ Summer Home FlossBitties Floss Drops: https://bit.ly/3sqaZqK.
▸ Summer Home Floss Box: https://bit.ly/3P9x8mJ.
▸ Spring Awakens Cross Stitch Pattern: https://bit.ly/3yt38w3.
▸ Espresso 14 Count Aida 18″ x 27″ Cross Stitch Cloth: https://bit.ly/3wgbK6B.
▸ Floss Flower Thread Bobbins: https://bit.ly/3whn7LC.
▸ Winter Cometh Cross Stitch Pattern: https://bit.ly/3wiPZ6d.
▸ This is the Day Cross Stitch Pattern: https://bit.ly/39bOgri.
▸ Duxbury 36 Count Linen 36″ x 55″ Cross Stitch Cloth: https://bit.ly/3w1mEye.
1 hair over 2.
▸ A Bee C Cross Stitch Pattern: https://bit.ly/3kWlhKK.
▸ White 27 Count Linda 18″ x 26″ Cross Stitch Cloth: https://bit.ly/3LfIvGN.

▸ May Calendar Crates at FQS: https://bit.ly/3PoBVRB.

▸ All Petite Stitches: https://bit.ly/3squxuQ.
▸ Free Easter Cross Stitch Pattern – Petite Stitches Series: https://bit.ly/3yqphvd.
▸ Make a Cute Cross Stitch Fabric Basket ✂ Bitty Baskets for Home Decor & Holidays|Fat Quarter Shop https://bit.ly/38cc7aB.

▸ Boo Crew SAL: https://bit.ly/3wbwBYE
▸ Boo Crew Mystery Stitch Along Supply List: https://bit.ly/3N8HoKj
▸ Boo Crew DMC Thread Pack: https://bit.ly/3P8zp1w
▸ Boo Crew Classic Colorworks Thread Pack: https://bit.ly/38cbRs9
▸ BOO! A Spooky Mystery Quilt and also Stitch Along are Coming Soon … https://bit.ly/3M9MKEU.

▸ Daisy Bee in My Bonnet Enamel Needle Minder: https://bit.ly/3N5ajyN.
▸ Hello America Cross Stitch Pattern: https://bit.ly/3yrd2yi.
▸ Proud to be an American Cross Stitch Pattern: https://bit.ly/3sqwIi0.
▸ Berry Bakery Cross Stitch Pattern: https://bit.ly/3whXdYe.
▸ Strawberry Farm Cross Stitch Pattern (PDF): https://bit.ly/3N6gsdU.
▸ Happy Birthday America Cross Stitch Pattern (PDF): https://bit.ly/3yyAB8v.
▸ New Fiber On A Whim: https://bit.ly/39Sv2HO.
▸ New Shannon Christine: https://bit.ly/3sqcXr8.
▸ New Tiny Modernist: https://bit.ly/3wolr3b.
▸ Home Sweet Home Pinkeep Cross Stitch Pattern: https://bit.ly/3yu9bRb.
▸ Cottontail & Company Cross Stitch Pattern: https://bit.ly/3wjDB62.
▸ Summer Littles Cross Stitch Pattern: https://bit.ly/3NboBOt.
▸ Santas Revisited X Cross Stitch Pattern: https://bit.ly/3Pb4NMX.

▸ Announcing the Flea Market Quilt and also Stitch Along! https://bit.ly/3FyWl5I.
▸ Flea Market Baskets Cross Stitch Pattern: https://bit.ly/3N3YPM2.
▸ Lori Holt Flea Market Baskets DMC Thread Pack & Floss Keeper: https://bit.ly/3FNrtyF.
▸ Cloud 25 Count Lugana 18″ x 27″ Vintage Cross Stitch Cloth: https://bit.ly/39eOBtG.
▸ Antique White 14 Count Aida 18″ x 25″ Cross Stitch Cloth: https://bit.ly/37wNSDo.

▸ Chalkboard Black 14 Count Aida 18″ x 25″ Cross Stitch Cloth: https://bit.ly/3L2Xd3N.
▸ Roses are Red Cross Stitch Pattern: https://bit.ly/3vZoP5k.
▸ Roses are Red Classic Colorworks Fancy Floss Pack: https://bit.ly/3kWr8jd.
▸ Hobby Lobby SKU # 5596903.
▸ Pretty Plaids & Checks: https://bit.ly/39TLQya.
▸ To The Moon & Back Cross Stitch Pattern (PDF): https://bit.ly/3MiUq85.
▸ Hobby Lobby SKU # 2071595.
▸ Lots of Love Cross Stitch Pattern (PDF): https://bit.ly/3M2yCNz.
▸ Hobby Lobby SKU # 2071595.
▸ Cookies & Coffee Cross Stitch Pattern (PDF): https://bit.ly/3kYEXha.
▸ Key To My Heart Cross Stitch Pattern (PDF): https://bit.ly/3kWEhsD.
▸ stitch, and so on. FaceBook Group: https://bit.ly/3L2uzzx.
▸ Stitch_etc Instagram: https://bit.ly/3L1JIRM.
▸ Be My Valentine Cross Stitch Pattern: https://bit.ly/3P8BB9g.
▸ Michaels SKU # 654504.
▸ Farm Life Cross Stitch Pattern (PDF): https://bit.ly/3yJqXAf.
▸ Amber 14 Count Aida 18″ x 25″ Cross Stitch Cloth: https://bit.ly/3N6rsIs.
▸ Hobby Lobby – SKU # 1210624.
▸ In My Easter Bonnet Cross Stitch Pattern (PDF): https://bit.ly/3P74ToV.
▸ Hobby Lobby – SKU # 5523352.

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