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FOXBC 3-Inch Hobby Scroll Saw Blades Pin End (18 TPI, 12 Pack)

For makers that call for 3in. Perfect fit the classic Dremel

Moto-Saw, Moto-Jig Saw(Model 8 and also 15), Moto-Shop (all, consisting of Models 57, 571, 571-5, 572, 57-2, 576 and also 1571), Dremel 8029 8030, Craftsman 572.247202 15″ Hobby, Delta 15″ Hobby, Emco Lux Hobby, Hobby-Lux 450 as well as various other scroll saws and also jig saws that make use of pinned blades 3 inch overall size, 2-3/4 inch in between pins.FOXBC likewise supply

with 5-Inch Scroll Saw Blades, 4-Inch Scroll Saw Blades, 3-Inch Scroll Saw Blades, please browse through shop.

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