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Knitting for Beginners | Hobby Lobby®

Weaving products:
1. Thread
2. Weaving needles
3. Completing needles
4. Scissors

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In this video clip, you will certainly discover exactly how to:
1:03 – Choose your weaving needles
1:42 – Choose your knitting thread
2:08 – How to cast on when weaving
5:15 – How to weaved stitch when weaving
7:44 – How to purl sew when weaving
9:40 – How to bind off when weaving

We’ll reveal you the weaving essentials, such as exactly how to weaved stitch as well as just how to cast on when weaving, so you can begin today! For task information as well as a, please check out:–Getting-Started-Video/p/12_1381_knitting_basics_getting_started